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What is Beauty Avant-Garde?

Discover the true essence of Beauty by Indulging in Alternative concepts in the Art of SelfCare + Beauty. Indulge in the SelfCare Journal to Learn, the Organic Therapy Spa to Experience, and the Organic Goods to practice the art of SelfCare. 

Face Care

- Courtney C.

"I cannot recommend this business highly enough! Amanda is such a warm, genuine person and I had a wonderful morning getting a facial peel. I will definitely be a repeat customer. 10/10 recommend!"

SelfCare Journal


Indulge in the Beauty Avant-Garde Lifestyle.

These Features in this SelfCare Journal will present information to Enhance your Particular Lifestyle so that you may indulge in the Avant-Garde Lifestyle. 


Expanded views of Beauty from an Avant-Garde philosophy. Different forms of Beauty are Explored + Honored.   


Indulge in Bountiful practices of Holistic Wellness. Divulge in the many Modalities Conceivable on the Path of Wellness. 

Female Bust


Enhance your Routine or Discover new Rituals, as you partake in the Art form of Amorous SelfCare  required by your Body, Mind + Soul. 


Pleasantly Observe particular Lifestyles from far + wide.  Dive Deep in Culture to Reveal the Magic in your own Life.  


Glimpse into the Ether of Esotericism.  Go beyond what the Eyes may see. Reveal hidden parts of yourself through the study of the unknown. 


Anticipate the Expert seal of approval on SelfCare + Beauty topics. The Experts thoroughly review and divulge on the most saught after topics.



Acquire answers to your common questions through expert review. Autonomously gain a grandstanding so you may become an Avant-Garde expert. 

Organic Spa Therapy


Relaxing Massage

Head Spa

Face Care

Facial Spa

Reiki Treatment

Energy Spa

Head Spa

An ancient therapeutic treatment of deep massage, aromatic oils, and herbal formulations. The Head Spa invigorating treatment improves scalp and hair promoting healthier and stronger hair growth. This treatment stimulates the body's natural healing abilities from within leading to permanent results.  

Treatment is recommended every 2-4 weeks.


Relieves anxiety + stress

Promotes sound sleep

Enhances cognition

Strengthen sense + clarity

Reduces migraines + headaches

Imparts lustrous shine to hair

Hair growth stimulation

Aids in release of endorphins

Brings balance to hormones

Organic Facial Spa

An ancient therapeutic beauty treatment of massage, aromatic oils, nutritive creams, and special herbal formulations.  The Facial Spa invigorating treatment gives the skin a natural radiant glow. This treatment stimulates the body's natural healing abilities, therefore enhancing the radiance from within leading to permanent results.  

Treatment is recommended every 2-4 weeks.


Restores moisture + hydrates skin

Gives glow + radiance

Tones + tightens the skin

Exfoliates dead skin cells + toxins

Delays aging reducing sagging skin

Retains overall vitality of facial tissues

Aids in release of endorphines

Brings balance to hormones

Organic Energy Spa

An ancient therapeutic treatment of sound therapy, chromotherapy, and aromatics. The Energy Spa treatment restores balance while holding, moving, and circulating energy within the body.

This treatment allows the aura to increase illumination. This treatment creates a balance of the body, mind, and consciousness   

Treatment is recommended every 2-4 weeks.


Balance doshas

Restore harmony to body + mind

Reinforces the nervous system

Calms the mind

Restores emotional balance

Stimulates energy flow

Restore connection to source energy

Promotes natural self healing

Organic Retail Therapy


Herbal Treatment
Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea Nook 

Bath Accessories

SkinCare + Beauty


Home Goods

Natural Organic Herbs

Indulge in the Apothecary where a variety of herbs are offered for self-healing + alignment with your purposes. The Apothecary provides remedies, supplements and natural healing herbs. You will find natural products for your bath, body and skin care. 

Natural Organic Teas

Welcome to the Tea Nook where you may revel in a variety of herbal teas to align you with your soul's purpose. Craft your own special tea blend or indulge in Pine Apothecary customized herbal tea blends for wellbeing.

Natural Organic SelfCare

Luxuriate in a variety of natural organic herbal SelfCare + Beauty products.  Beauty Avant-Garde offers natural products for your skin, hair, and body. Here you will find bath accessories, soap+ body wash, haircare, lotions, and oils . 

Natural Organic Goods

Indulge in the metaphysical home goods offered for self-healing + alignment with your purposes. Here you will find candles, incense, crystals, herbal bundles, home accents, books, cards, and more for your selfcare needs.


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