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Marigold (Calendula)
  • Marigold (Calendula)

    1 Ounce
    Immerse yourself in the soothing and healing powers of Marigold, also known as Calendula, with our premium dried petals. Marigold is revered for its dual benefits for spiritual and physical health, making it a staple in any spiritually focused self-care routine. Used in traditional medicine for centuries, this vibrant yellow flower is widely believed to promote mental clarity, positive energy, and spiritual growth. In addition to its spiritual benefits, Marigold is also cherished for its skin-nourishing properties, making it an ideal addition to baths, teas, and salves for holistic self-care. Embrace the gentle energy and vibrant beauty of Marigold as you deepen your spiritual practice and enhance your physical well-being.
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      Return Policy

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